Qui sommes-nous ?

Sloclap is an independent video game studio founded in 2015 in Paris. We are currently around 80 employees working on content updates for our last game, Sifu, along with another, unannounced project. 

Our first game, Absolver, published by Devolver Digital, was released on PlayStation & PC in August 2017 then on Xbox in January 2019. Absolver is an online action game that allows its players to compete in an open world using combinations of techniques inspired by different martial arts styles. Absolver has sold over 300,000 copies to date, and millions of players have tried it through the PS+ Game of the Month and Xbox Game Pass programs.

We developed and published our second project, Sifu, released in February 2022, in partnership with PlayStation and Epic Games. This third-person action game, featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, puts you in the role of a Kung Fu disciple seeking revenge against the killers of his family. Sifu sold more than 1 million copies within a month of its launch, we have since released regular free content updates and more are on the way with the launch of the Arenas free expansion on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam. 

As a team, we enjoy taking on ambitious projects, with the objective of crafting new and original experiences at every project. The team's passion for martial arts has strongly influenced our first two games, Absolver and Sifu, but we are interested in other gameplay experiences too. Inside the broad action genre for PCs and consoles, our projects will share key characteristics: deep and challenging gameplay systems, a stylized art direction, and beautiful hand-crafted animations. 

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Découvrez l'équipe

Alexandra Maingard

Office & Finance Manager

Arielle Grosjean

Associate Producer

Aurélien Topia

Co-founder, Lead Programmer

Edward Sananikone


Félix Garczynski

Marketing Manager

Jordan Layani

Co-founder, Creative Director

Kevin Roger

Lead Animator

Lucas Rousselot

Lead Sound Designer

Olivier Gaertner

Co-founder, Lead Programmer

Paul-Emile Boucher

Art Director

Pierre Tarno

Co-founder, CEO

Servane Altermatt

Art Director